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Very possibly. It is the nature of insurance companies to deny or minimize the significance of claims. Their very livelihood depends on it. As one suffering a loss, you need to understand this and take a smart approach if you find yourself in this position. Seek experienced counsel to review your policy carefully and see if what the company is doing matches up with its obligations under the policy. If it does not, then you have changed the dynamic of the situation so that you can go back against the company and threaten suit if it does not come around. You have paid good money for the insurance. Don't let the company take advantage of you when it comes time for it to pay a claim.
Absolutely. If you currently have the ability to make your payments, chances are quite good you can qualify for a mortgage modification and save your home. Federal law requires that the banks work with you in good faith and try to help you avoid foreclosure. If they fail to do so, they could be subject to suit, which could include your damages. This law is a very powerful tool to ensure that the bank treats you fairly, and should be the means by which you gain the necessary modification and save your home.
Yes. Even in the seemingly most simple transactions it is wise to have someone look things over for potential pitfalls. Avoiding such pitfalls can save you thousands of dollars. And to avoid them, you must have a trained eye on your side scrutinizing the matter in order to identify them. Don't let your dream home turn into a nightmare! Call McGookey Law Offices.