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Nationstar/Mr. Cooper Purchase of Seterus

Bad News For Homeowners The purchase of Seterus’ mortgage servicing business by Nationstar, which now does business as Mr. Cooper, which was effective March 1, 2019, has meant bad news for at least one homeowner in Florida. That man was unable to obtain insurance on his home years ago because of its’ age. As a […]

Nationstar’s “Loss Mitigation” Program

If Ruth’s case is any example, Nationstar’s, doing business as Mr. Cooper, loss mitigation program stinks. She reached out for mortgage help nine months ago when she lost her job. As a result of her job loss, her income spiraled downward from what she received when employed, to what she received from unemployment compensation, making […]

Nationstar & Forced-Placed Insurance

A recent case we’ve looked at raises questions regarding Nationstar, dba Mr. Cooper’s, practices regarding “FORCED – PLACED INSURANCE”. As the term implies, forced-placed insurance occurs when the homeowner, for whatever reason, lets the hazard insurance on the home lapse so that the mortgage servicer must place insurance of its’ choosing on the residence to […]


More than any other servicer we’ve dealt with, Nationstar, now doing business as Mr. Cooper, has demonstrated a pattern of messing up mortgage modifications. Oftentimes, the screw up comes in the form of claimed lost paperwork, which the borrower is forced to send in again and again. Then there is varying information about the type […]


Distressed Homeowners Looking For Answers In terms of contacts received by our office from distressed homeowners trying to work out mortgage issues with servicing giant Nationstar, which does business as Mr. Cooper, Nationstar has been on our radar screen for some time. Recently however, the calls have increased. The problems reported by homeowners largely fall […]


TRIFECTA! What do California, Massachusetts, and New York have in common? Within the last eight months, all three States have levied heavy fines against Nationstar, now doing business as Mr. Cooper, for illegal practices. In California the Company agreed to a $9.2 million fine for allegedly overcharging borrowers and for failing to resolve their complaints. In Massachusetts, the Company […]